Spring Is Comin' (Journal #2)

As the snow begins to thaw and our Winter season draws to a close, we have begun gearing up to the launch of our Spring drop. Whilst we’ve been at work behind the scenes, bagging and tagging the new stock and getting photoshoots under wrap, we couldn’t resist giving you a small glimpse into what to expect from the oncoming season.
Something we’ve been excited about sharing with you is the newest addition to our line of products; The Baseball Cap. At Dead Roses we’ve always been cap enthusiasts and for a good while now we’ve been waiting to add the caps to our range. Now we can proudly say they’re here!
For weeks we painstakingly laboured over a number of different designs in the DR ‘lab’ and through a shed load of blood, sweat and (mainly) tears we crafted two designs that were love at first sight!
One design, the ‘Soulless’ cap, pays tribute to our nautical roots - which sits well with the theme of the new range. For this design we’ve taken a minimalistic approach with a focus on the anchor, a symbol commonly seen throughout our designs. The anchor has always been a mark of homage to our roots, a sign of strength and grounding. We’ve sold our souls to the sea and are forever bound. Forever Soulless.
Both cap designs bring back the fan favourite Branded logo (as seen in our Winter range) and feature a tri-glide buckle for comfortable size adjustment. With up to six colours to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice!
In this new chapter of Dead Roses, we are stepping out of Winter’s dark tones and embracing the new season head on with fresh, vibrant colours. We’re spicing up the colour palate with clean whites and pastel tones to give your spring wardrobe a new burst of life.
Big things are instore for 2018 and this is just a taste of what’s to come. We hope you’re all as pumped as we are to drop this. Here’s to a new era of Dead Roses.
 Spring is comin’.

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