Our Journey Begins Here (Journal #1)

It's been 7 years since Dead Roses took root.
What started as a small college project in 2012 has grown and blossomed into a fashion statement in it's own right. Embracing our nautical heritage and hunger to create a legacy, we have combined our passion for streetwear and skateboarding to forge a brand that embodies everything we stand for.
They say you're never the same after passing through the eye of a storm. You grow thicker skin and wisen to the world. We have seen many trials and tribulations over the years, wilting and withering only to come back stronger than ever.
In The Journal you will see Dead Roses at it's very core. You will get a behind-the-scene look at our whole creative process and each week we will be posting new content, exploring topics from fashion tips in streetwear to the underworld of UK skateboarding. We'll be talking latest releases and tours with upcoming bands to looking into Mental Health.
Go behind the scenes and join us as we venture into the future of Dead Roses Clothing.
We're back, and this time it's for good.

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