Coffee Lab: We Love It A Latte

Picture this: You’re walking down a bustling city high street when, unexpectedly, the powerful aroma of coffee strikes you. Following your nose down a side alley littered with specialist shops, you stumble upon an unassuming little coffee shop, no larger than your own living room.

You may not realise it at this point, but you have discovered the hive of Chichester’s intellectual and business elites: Coffee Lab.

This is how we at Dead Roses found ourselves at Coffee Lab one day, and after experiencing the infectious atmosphere, that irresistible blend of fellowship and drive, we’ve never stopped coming back.

Founded in 2016 by six-time UK Latte Art Champion Dhan Tamang - who has opened seven branches to date - Coffee Lab has become a cultural hotspot for its famous signature blend of Brazilian roasted coffee beans. All of their produce comes from organic sources, and now the Coffee Lab brand has recently started selling their own Einstein and Heisenberg coffee beans - so you can even enjoy the unique CL experience right at home!

CL have always employed the most skilled baristas they can find, so don’t be surprised if your Cappuccino is being prepared by an award-winning coffee artist. The friendly staff are always keen to display their expertise, pouring you a perfect Rosetta or Tulip – but are happy enough to hand over the reins and let you have a crack at it yourself… if you’re feeling adventurous! ;)

If you fancy a bite to eat, we can’t recommend the artisan sandwiches enough. Freshly toasted for your pleasure, you’ll be presented with a variety of options. Our personal favourite features two pieces of home-made ciabatta bread struggling to conceal the ultimate combination of bacon and spinach, smothered lovingly with melted brie and coated with a generous helping of sweet chili chutney. Or for an afternoon snack, you could treat yourself and choose from a selection of the two towers of treats - a mountain of brownies and pastries, freshly made on the premises. 

An old-fashioned record player sets the ambience, and the likes of Fleetwood Mac underline the professional talks amongst the tables, which always puts the executives at DR in the frame of mind for business. We are sat amongst the new dogs and the established wolves of the enterprising world; a network of start-ups and dreamers, entrepreneurs and the goal-reachers. Being a part of something much bigger gives us a real buzz, and we love Coffee Lab for giving it to us. We can’t advocate enough how much this environment has helped Dead Roses grow as a business.

Where is your favourite place to get a coffee to keep you going through those working days? Where in the world are you drinking yours? Tell us in the comments below!

Discover more about Coffee Lab on their website and social media! Website:
Instagram: @coffeelabuk
Twitter: @coffeelabuk1
Facebook: /coffeelabuk

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